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Golden Globes Announce Nominations Amid Diversity Controversy



“Belfast” and “The Power of the Dog” led nominations, but it is unclear what kind of power the show holds as some studios and actors continue to give the HFPA the cold shoulder.

HFPA Announces Nominations Despite Backlash

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association released its 2022 Golden Globe nominations Monday despite the intense backlash and boycott calls it has faced from the entertainment industry over the last year. 

Usually, Golden Globe nominations are a star-studded and televised spectacle that mark an unofficial kickoff to the height of awards season in Hollywood. This year, they were live-streamed from the Beverly Hilton to the Golden Globes’ YouTube channel. HFPA President Helen Hoehne opened the program and rapper Snoop Dogg later joined to read the nominations list. Reports allege that A-list names had turned down offers to present during the stream.

The HFPA first became the subject of controversy in February when a Los Angeles Times report detailed a culture of corruption and ethical lapses behind the scenes. Among other allegations, the exposé said members accepted luxurious gifts from studios in a manner that could potentially impact nominations. The report also revealed that of the nearly 90 members the HFPA had at the time, none were Black.

The HFPA later announced a series of reforms to address issues with diversity and misconduct, but studios like Warner Bros., Netflix, and Amazon all said they were considering boycotting the show. Tom Cruise returned his Golden Globe statues while other actors like Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson released statements condemning the HFPA. The organization faced its most lethal consequence in May when NBC — which had broadcast the Golden Globes since the ‘90s — said it would not air the 2022 show. 

Still, the HFPA has opted to hold the Golden Globes anyway, though it remains unclear what the Jan. 9 ceremony will look like. 

“This has been a year of change and reflection for the HFPA,” Hoehne said during the nominations announcement. “For the past eight months we have worked tirelessly as an organization to be better. We changed our rules, bylaws, added a new code of conduct and restructured our governance.”

Golden Globes Left With Uncertain Future

Hoehne also said the group has added 21 new members, calling the addition the “largest and most diverse in our 79-year-old history.” 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, six of the 21 new members are Black. The outlet reported in October that 10 are women, six are Latino, five are Asian, and four are Middle Eastern/North African. The new members mark a 20% growth in the HFPA’s voting body. 

“Not only have they brought in a fresh perspective but ideas that will help us continue to evolve,”  Hoehne continued. 

This year, “Belfast” and “The Power of The Dog” led the nominations in film categories while “Succession” dominated television nominations. New shows like “Squid Game,” “Only Murders in the Building,” and “Hacks” also received a handful of nods. 

Still, the nominations came in quietly compared to years past. Fewer stars are celebrating their nominations on social media and it is unclear if the Golden Globes will have its usual sway as awards season continues. The Critics Choice Awards, which some have argued should replace the Globes as the year’s first major awards show, also released nominations on Monday. It will likewise air on Jan. 9, but with a timeslot on TBS with hosts Taye Diggs and Nicole Byer. 

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“Emancipation” Producer Apologizes, Hopes He Did Not “Distract” From Film’s Message By Bringing Photo of Enslaved Man to Premiere 



He said he plans on donating his collection of historical images to appropriate institutions.

McFarland Brings “Whipped Pete” Photo to Premiere 

“Emancipation” producer Joey McFarland apologized on Sunday after facing backlash for bringing the original 1863 photo of the enslaved person the film is based on to the premiere. 

“I wholeheartedly apologize to everyone I have offended by bringing a photograph of Peter to the Emancipation premiere,” he wrote in a statement on Instagram. “My intent was to honor this remarkable man and to remind the general public that his image not only brought about change in 1863 but still resonates and promotes change today.”

The photo, frequently dubbed “Whipped Peter,” is one of the most famous images depicting the gruesome realities of slavery in America. He is facing away from the camera, revealing the severe scarring all across his back. According to the Library of Congress, the formerly enslaved man was actually named Gordon. Will Smith plays him in “Emancipation,” which follows his escape from slavery.

While walking the red carpet of the film’s premiere, McFarland carried the photo with him.  

“I have the photo. This is the original photograph from 1863,” he told Variety. “I wanted it to be here tonight. I wanted a piece of Peter to be here tonight.”

While lamenting the fact that so many historical artifacts have not been properly preserved, McFarland told Variety that he “took it upon [him]self to curate and build a collection for future generations.” He said his collection will be donated after he dies. 

His remarks were met with swift criticism from those who thought it was inappropriate for McFarland to not just own the picture, but to bring it to a Hollywood event. 

“Why do you own the photograph? Why did you bring it to a movie premiere if the intent is to preserve it respectfully?” The Black List founder Franklin Leonard tweeted.

“I don’t know, man, but bringing ‘a piece of Peter’ that you ‘own’ to the red carpet of a movie that’s personally enriching you so that you can collect more slave memorabilia that you’ll keep until your death,” he added along with a giphy of Kenan Thompson saying “yikes.”

McFarland Acknowledges Historical Photos “Belong to the World”

Others argued that the photo should belong to Gordon’s family. 

“Being in possession of a symbol that reflects our trauma is exactly what our oppressor would do. He is his ancestor’s child,” another person added. 

In his apology, McFarland said that he hopes his actions “don’t distract from the film’s message, Peter’s story and just how much impact he had on the world.”

Throughout the development of “Emancipation,” McFarland said he discovered many photos of overlooked individuals with important historical stories. He said he always planned to donate them and believes “there is no better time to begin that process than now.”

“These photographs, which existed before me, will be around long after I am gone; they belong to the world,” he wrote.

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Joe Rogan Holds Spot As Top Podcaster on Spotify in 2022



Earlier this year, some threatened to boycott the platform over Rogan and the health misinformation he shared on his show. 

For the third year in a row, “The Joe Rogan Experience” was the number one podcast on Spotify, the company revealed in its yearly “Wrapped” feature on Wednesday. 

“The Joe Rogan Experience” became exclusive to Spotify in 2020 after the host signed a lucrative deal with the audio streaming platform. “Call Her Daddy” by Alex Cooper, also a Spotify exclusive, followed Rogan on the charts. “Anything Goes With Emma Chamberlain,” which will become exclusive to the service next year, came in third.

Rogan’s podcast has made several headlines over the last year as the podcaster faced backlash from medical professionals and major musicians for touting COVID-19 misinformation. Niel Young asked to have his music removed from Spotify in protest of the company’s deal with Rogan, and several other artists soon followed. 

Just a few days later, several clips resurfaced of Rogan using a racial slur. Many called to boycott Spotify for platforming Rogan, but his popularity did not seem to fade by the year’s end. 

There are over four million podcasts available to stream on Spotify and over the last year, the platform has expanded into new markets. 

It also has started launching podcasts from several high-profile figures, including Kim Kardashian’s “The System,” and Meghan Markle’s “Archetypes.” Both of those debuted mid-year and did not crack the annual top-five list.

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Comedian Gives David Beckham Ultimatum: Exit Role at Qatar World Cup Or £10K in Donations Gets Shredded



“Not just the money, but also your status as a gay icon will be shredded,” Joe Lycett said in a video.

Pressure on Beckham

Comedian Joe Lycett posted a video on Sunday saying he would shred £10,000 if soccer star David Beckham does not pull out of his deal to be an ambassador for the Qatar World Cup. 

Ahead of the event, which kicks off on Nov. 20, many have been raising concerns about human rights abuses in Qatar. The country criminalizes homosexuality, and it can be punishable by death. 

Beckham’s deal to represent the country was reportedly worth £10 million, and many are frustrated that the athlete took such a big check from a country with known anti-LGBTQ laws. In his video, Lycett noted that Beckham has been openly supportive of his gay fans and was the first premiere footballer to do a photoshoot with a gay magazine. 

In an attempt to get Beckham to bow out of his role, Lycett, who is pansexual, offered an ultimatum.  

“If you end your relationship with Qatar, I’ll donate this £10,000 of my own money, that’s a grand for every million you’re reportedly getting, to charities that support queer people in football,” he stated. “However, if you do not, at midday next Sunday, I will throw this money into a shredder.” 

“Not just the money, but also your status as a gay icon will be shredded.” 

Beckham’s Reputation “Shredded”

Lycett said he would livestream the money shredding if that’s what the situation comes to. If Beckham does not back out of the World Cup, Lycett noted he will be forced to “commit what might be a crime,” as destroying legal tender is against the law in the U.K.

“Although even then, I reckon I’ll get off more lightly than I would if I got caught whacking off a lad in Doha,” Lycett quipped.

Lycett then linked to a website titled, which includes a written version of his message, as well as a countdown to when he will either shred the cash or send it to a non-profit. 

Lycett is not the only U.K star to raise concerns about issues in Qatar. Singer Dua Lipa shut down speculation that she would be performing at the World Cup over the weekend by saying she has no intentions to visit the country until “it has fulfilled all the human rights pledges it made when it won the right to host” the event. 

Other stars, however, including BTS’s Jung Kook, are slated to take the stage. 

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