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David Dobrik Gets Travel Series on Discovery+



The show comes just months after Dobrik lost major sponsorships and brand deals due to allegations within his YouTube friend group, the Vlog Squad.

David Dobrik Lands Discovery+ Series

YouTuber David Dobrik landed his own travel series on Discovery+ just months after falling out of public favor due to allegations within his famous Vlog Squad. 

The series, titled “Discovering David Dobrik,” is set to debut on the streaming service later this year. It will run for 10 episodes and follow Dobrik, along with members of his content collective, as they travel the world. It will also focus on Dobrik’s status as a DACA recipient and his journey to get his green card so that he can travel outside the U.S.

“As a DACA dreamer, @DavidDobrik was unable to travel outside of the U.S. – until now,” Discoverys tweet promoting the show says. “Join the Vlog Squad on their journey to secure his green card in the #DiscoveringDavidDobrik series.”

Dobrik already teased his travels to his 18 million YouTube subscribers during his most recent vlog, which is titled “MY FIRST TIME LEAVING THE COUNTRY!!” In the video, he visited his birthplace Slovakia for the first time since he left at the age of six. He has also promoted some of his other travels to places like France and Italy on his Instagram account. 

David Dobrik’s Recent Fallout

The series marks a potential comeback for the YouTuber, who faced no shortage of backlash throughout 2021. Once dubbed “Gen Z’s Jimmy Fallon” by the Wall Street Journal, his reputation took a hit after a series of accusations hit him and his Vlog Squad. 

In February, former Vlog Squadder Seth Francois said a “prank” video orchestrated by Dobrik amounted to him being sexually assaulted by fellow creator Jason Nash. Just a few weeks later, a woman told Insider that Vlog Squad member Dom Zeglaitis raped her in 2018 while she was with the group to film a video. She said she was too drunk to consent and claimed members of the group provided her with alcohol as she was under 21-year-old at the time. 

Dobrik issued a handful of apologies over the allegations and eventually took a brief break from life on the internet. He lost a slew of major sponsors, monetization on YouTube, and he also had to step back from the board of his start-up photo-sharing app Dispo.

He faced another wave of backlash in April after Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek released startling footage of a 2020 accident that nearly killed him. In the video, Wittek attempted a stunt that involved him hanging onto a rope attached to an excavator that swung him around a lake. Dobrik is seen not only encouraging the dangerous act but also operating the excavator. At the time, many slammed Dobrik for endangering his friends for the sake of making content.

The Potential Start of a Comeback

Dobrik has since returned to making vlogs, and his new Discovery+ series shows he is trying to regain the status he once had as one of YouTube’s most beloved creators. Right now, it is unclear how much his deal with the platform was worth, but Discovery executives have expressed excitement about having Dobrik on board. 

“I’m thrilled to bring more of David Dobrik’s special brand of fun and adventure to discovery+ with this epic new event series,” Scott Lewers, a Discovery executive vice president, said in a statement, adding that Dobrik has had previous success with the platform. “We’re taking our viewers all over the globe to experience this journey right alongside the Vlog Squad.”

Dobrik likewise shared his enthusiasm with Forbes.

“It’s everyone’s dream to be able to travel the world with friends and now I get to do that,” he said. “I can’t wait.”

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Joe Rogan Holds Spot As Top Podcaster on Spotify in 2022



Earlier this year, some threatened to boycott the platform over Rogan and the health misinformation he shared on his show. 

For the third year in a row, “The Joe Rogan Experience” was the number one podcast on Spotify, the company revealed in its yearly “Wrapped” feature on Wednesday. 

“The Joe Rogan Experience” became exclusive to Spotify in 2020 after the host signed a lucrative deal with the audio streaming platform. “Call Her Daddy” by Alex Cooper, also a Spotify exclusive, followed Rogan on the charts. “Anything Goes With Emma Chamberlain,” which will become exclusive to the service next year, came in third.

Rogan’s podcast has made several headlines over the last year as the podcaster faced backlash from medical professionals and major musicians for touting COVID-19 misinformation. Niel Young asked to have his music removed from Spotify in protest of the company’s deal with Rogan, and several other artists soon followed. 

Just a few days later, several clips resurfaced of Rogan using a racial slur. Many called to boycott Spotify for platforming Rogan, but his popularity did not seem to fade by the year’s end. 

There are over four million podcasts available to stream on Spotify and over the last year, the platform has expanded into new markets. 

It also has started launching podcasts from several high-profile figures, including Kim Kardashian’s “The System,” and Meghan Markle’s “Archetypes.” Both of those debuted mid-year and did not crack the annual top-five list.

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Comedian Gives David Beckham Ultimatum: Exit Role at Qatar World Cup Or £10K in Donations Gets Shredded



“Not just the money, but also your status as a gay icon will be shredded,” Joe Lycett said in a video.

Pressure on Beckham

Comedian Joe Lycett posted a video on Sunday saying he would shred £10,000 if soccer star David Beckham does not pull out of his deal to be an ambassador for the Qatar World Cup. 

Ahead of the event, which kicks off on Nov. 20, many have been raising concerns about human rights abuses in Qatar. The country criminalizes homosexuality, and it can be punishable by death. 

Beckham’s deal to represent the country was reportedly worth £10 million, and many are frustrated that the athlete took such a big check from a country with known anti-LGBTQ laws. In his video, Lycett noted that Beckham has been openly supportive of his gay fans and was the first premiere footballer to do a photoshoot with a gay magazine. 

In an attempt to get Beckham to bow out of his role, Lycett, who is pansexual, offered an ultimatum.  

“If you end your relationship with Qatar, I’ll donate this £10,000 of my own money, that’s a grand for every million you’re reportedly getting, to charities that support queer people in football,” he stated. “However, if you do not, at midday next Sunday, I will throw this money into a shredder.” 

“Not just the money, but also your status as a gay icon will be shredded.” 

Beckham’s Reputation “Shredded”

Lycett said he would livestream the money shredding if that’s what the situation comes to. If Beckham does not back out of the World Cup, Lycett noted he will be forced to “commit what might be a crime,” as destroying legal tender is against the law in the U.K.

“Although even then, I reckon I’ll get off more lightly than I would if I got caught whacking off a lad in Doha,” Lycett quipped.

Lycett then linked to a website titled, which includes a written version of his message, as well as a countdown to when he will either shred the cash or send it to a non-profit. 

Lycett is not the only U.K star to raise concerns about issues in Qatar. Singer Dua Lipa shut down speculation that she would be performing at the World Cup over the weekend by saying she has no intentions to visit the country until “it has fulfilled all the human rights pledges it made when it won the right to host” the event. 

Other stars, however, including BTS’s Jung Kook, are slated to take the stage. 

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Federal Judge Dismisses Dave Portnoy’s Lawsuit Against Insider



The online personality called the decision “disappointing” but not “overly surprising.” 

Lawsuit Tossed

A federal judge in Massachusetts dismissed a defamation lawsuit Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy filed against Business Insider, several outlets reported on Monday. 

According to a report from The Washington Post, Chief Judge F. Dennis Saylor IV decided that Portnoy did not successfully prove that the news outlet acted with “actual malice” or “reckless disregard for the truth” when it published two articles about his sexual relationships. 

The first article, published in Nov. 2021, detailed stories from women who said they had “violent” and traumatizing sex with Portnoy. A second piece was published in Feb. 2022 and includes sources who said Portnoy filmed sexual encounters without consent.

Portnoy has repeatedly denied the allegations and maintained that the sexual encounters were consensual and positive. He sued Insider in February following the publication of the second article. 

Per The Post, Saylor tossed the complaint because it did “not allege that Insider’s anonymous sources were fake, or that the articles misrepresented what the women told [Insider’s reporters].”

“Furthermore, plaintiff admits that Insider investigated its first article for months, requested an interview with him, sought his comment before publication, included his denials, and hyperlinked to his news conference and his lawyer’s full denial letter,” the judge’s decision continued. 

Saylor also noted that Insider corroborated their sources’ claims with photos, texts, medical reports, receipts, and accounts from their friends. 

While Portnoy argued that these stories were an invasion of privacy as they pertained to his private sex life and the women involved were not his employees, Insider held that their claims were relevant.

“When a rich, famous, and powerful person uses their power in a way that is harmful to other people, it is newsworthy,” Nicholas Carlson, Insider’s Global Editor-in-Chief, previously wrote in an editor’s note. 

Saylor largely agreed with that, saying that issues of consent and power are part of “legitimate public interest,” including in instances that arise outside “the employment context.”

Portnoy Responds

An Insider spokesperson told The Post that the outlet is “pleased and gratified that the judge dismissed his complaint.”

“We knew from the start that our reporting was careful, fair, and accurate, but it’s gratifying to see that validated in court,” Julia Black, one of the reporters named in the lawsuit, tweeted in response to the news. 

For his part, however, Portnoy has criticized the judge’s decision, calling it “disappointing” but not “overly surprising.” 

“Every single lawyer said it was an uphill battle, every legal expert said it was an uphill battle, that it’s almost impossible for a public figure to prove defamation,” he said in a video posted to Twitter. “The laws are stacked against me.”

Portnoy said that he turned in texts and other evidence he believed would prove the sexual encounters were positive but claimed “the judge didn’t even really look at the evidence.” 

He later read an excerpt from the judge’s decision that said Portnoy “can’t seek to prove actual malice by challenging statements that defendants did not publish.” 

“In other words: Business Insider did not publish any of my shit, I can’t talk about it, it’s not part of the case,” Portnoy explained. “It’s inadmissible.” 

He said he could appeal the decision if he wanted, but added he was not optimistic about how that would turn out for him. He floated the idea of suing the sources themselves, noting he thinks he would stand a better chance in such a case.

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