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David Dobrik’s Dispo App Gets Review Bombed Following Sexual Assault Allegations



  • Dispo, a new social media app by YouTuber David Dobrik, is facing a slew of negative reviews as Dobrik continues to remain silent about sexual assault allegations from former Vlog Squad member Seth Francois.
  • Francois recently opened up about the trauma he experienced after Dobrik twice tricked him into kissing fellow Vlog Squad member Jason Nash on camera.
  • Another member of Dobrik’s group, Scotty Sire, incited more outrage last week after calling Francois a liar in a video defending Dobrik and Nash.

Dispo Review Bombed

David Dobrik’s new social media app Dispo is being review-bombed amid allegations that the YouTuber orchestrated a prank, which resulted in the sexual assault of one of his former Vlog Squad members, Seth Francois.

In 2017 and 2018, Francois, 26, was featured in two of Dobrik’s videos where he was pranked into making out with fellow Vlog Squader Jason Nash, 47. Last month, Francois spoke about the trauma he has experienced as a result of those situations, also telling a variety of media outlets that both happened under false pretexts and without his consent. 

Despite growing calls to do so, Dobrik and Nash have yet to respond. With the silence, frustrated fans have now begun sharing screenshots of their one-star app store Dispo reviews that call on Dobrik and Nash to take accountability for the pranks against Francois.

As of Monday morning, the app has over 1,500 reviews with a 3.1-star rating, with nearly the same amount of one-star reviews as five-star reviews. 

Scotty Sire Defends Dobrik and Nash

The review bombing also comes after Vlog Squad member Scotty Sire posted a video Thursday defending Dobrik from Francois’ allegations. 

Near the beginning of the video, Sire shares an already circulated clip of Dobrik asking for Francois’ consent for a second kissing prank.

Do I have permission to try to prank you again and get you to make out with Jason?” Dobrik asks in the clip.

“I’m very confused by that because how the hell could you be so confident to tell me that I have to consent to something that I’m not going to know what I’m going to do?” Francois says.

Many have lodged criticism against Dobrik via this clip in particular by noting that consent doesn’t work the way he seems to suggest it does. For example, a person can’t ask someone to consent to a future event they don’t know about.

Nonetheless, Sire claimed that “the clip was cut short to not actually show Seth giving his consent but show David asking for the consent.” 

According to Sire, that footage exists but was not shown in the video Dobrik uploaded to YouTube. 

“This is from a period of time where David was always at my house editing,” Sire said, “and I very vividly remember when he was editing that clip, there was a clip in there, of Seth agreeing and giving his permission to film this bit again. He’s like, ‘There’s no way you’re going to get it on me again. There’s no way you’re going to get me again, so go ahead. Go for it.’”

Sire does not provide that clip in his video to back up his claims. 

Meanwhile, Seth himself has claimed that after the camera was turned off, he explicitly asked David not to pull another kissing prank on him.

Moreover, even if Seth agreed, some have argued that David was in a position of power and Seth may have felt pressured to do as he said or risk not being in future videos. In fact, that’s a fear Seth himself has even touched on in interviews. 

Sire Claims Francois Asked for a Third Kissing Prank

Notably, Sire also shared a clip from Dobrik that he claimed is proof Francois requested to do a third kissing prank.

“Guys, this is a text from Seth from about two years ago,” Dorbik says while off-cam in the clip. “He goes, ‘Yo, bro, I was thinkin about it. I’m down for another kissing sketch.’ I said, ‘haha, what do you mean?’ He goes, ‘Lol I don’t really care as long as u clout me up. I’m not gay just don’t care lol.’”

Dobrik then plays an audio message that appears to be from Francois where he says, “I mean, yeah. I mean, I don’t know. It’s not really a big deal. I mean, it’s the same shit. Just, I don’t know… more open-minded.”

While notable if later confirmed to be 100% authentic, critics have noted that even if Francois did directly ask for a third prank, this still never shows him asking for or consenting to the first two pranks, which are the ones in question. 

Others also emphasized that this time, Francois says he’s “more open-minded,” with many interpreting that as him not being comfortable with the previous two pranks.

In fact, as Francois told Rogue Rocket, “The ‘audio’ clip and ‘text’ that is surfacing the internet is a manipulation to misinterpret my trauma and experiences. This ‘audio’ further concludes I did not consent to those published video.”

As further proof that Francois was not comfortable with the first prank, many online have shared a clip of Dobrik and Nash joking about the incident on an old podcast.

“I’m like, yeah Seth, just don’t hold back,” Dobrik says. “You can make out as much as you want, have as much tongue as you want. Just keep kissing her. But what Seth didn’t know is that I replaced Corinna with Jason.” 

Dobrik and Nash even seem to acknowledge that they were aware of the consequences this could potentially result in for Francois. 

“His friends are probably going to chew him out for that for the next like, 3 to five years of his life,” Dobrik says in the audio.

“Well, as Seth tells it, homosexuality is not so accepted in his, where he comes from,” Nash says.

“Seth is from Compton,” David responds. “It’s literally the perfect set up. Like a guy from Compton, and I made him make out with another, older man.”

Revenge Porn Claims 

At one point in Sire’s video, he also claims Francois posted revenge porn of fellow Vlog Squad member, Erin Gilfoy.

“Do you know how that affected her?” Sire asked. “You posted revenge porn, which is actually 100% illegal. It’s totally immoral and so so fucked up. Did you get her consent?

This claim isn’t actually a new part to the story. It’s something people often bring up as a way to try and discredit Francois, though others argue that it’s a separate issue from Francois’s own allegations.

Many people believe Sire is referring to a clip Francois shared in July that shows Gilfoy using the n-word. That clip appears to have been featured in a larger video compilation Francois shared when accusing Vlog Squad members of performance activism and calling on them to take accountability for past offensive content.

Gilfoy addressed the situation in a video at the time, saying there were clips of her circulating online that were taken 10 years ago. She apologized, said she was ashamed, and stressed that she does not use language like that anymore. 

She also said the videos being shared show her completely naked and were filmed without her consent. In fact, Gilfoy claimed she was blackmailed about a year and a half earlier by a person who threatened to leak the videos unless she met their demands, which she did not do. 

“People have decided that me saying a racial slur, justifies them posting videos that I did not consent to have taken,” she said last year. “I did not consent to have posted anywhere. It’s okay to post them and share them and circulate them, even though it’s such an insane violation of my privacy.”

Since Gilfoy’s remarks, Francois has repeatedly denied that the clip he shared showed nudity and said it is not considered revenge porn; however, Gilfoy has maintained that it is revenge porn, regardless of whether or not her body was blurred. 

“In this day in age it is unfortunate that people are still using pornographic videos to get revenge,” Francois told The Rogue Rocket. “I have not promoted nudity but only highlighted a peer confidently saying the slanderous derogatory term “N*****.” 

It’s unclear exactly how Seth got a hold of the clip or if he ever publicly shared an uncensored version of it.

In a statement to the drama channel Spill Sesh, Seth said the clip was already posted online by others when he reshared it. It’s unclear if those versions were already censored or not. 

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Trisha Paytas Departs From “Frenemies” Podcast With Ethan Klein



The announcement came after Paytas and co-host Ethan Klein engaged in a heated argument on the most recent episode of their show.

Paytas and Klein Argue

YouTuber Trisha Paytas announced Tuesday that they are stepping down from the “Frenemies” podcast with Ethan Klein. 

Paytas, who uses they/them pronouns, posted a 22-minute long video explaining their decision. The departure comes after Paytas and Klein got in a heated argument on the most recent episode of “Frenemies,” which paying members had access to on Monday and the general public received access to on Tuesday. 

The dispute started when Paytas appeared unenthusiastic about a new advice segment that was added to the show. Klein then made a comment about how Paytas contributes nothing to “Frenemies” and just shows up to film, which ignited a fight about creative differences the two have when it comes to the production of the podcast.

Paytas seemed overall frustrated that they do not have more input on the show and that their ideas are allegedly often dismissed.

“I never pick the costumes, I never do the Vlogs, I give so many ideas,” they said. “I say dancing for the vlogs, I give all these ideas and you don’t…I don’t think it’s a good segment.” 

Paytas also mentioned that they get no say on new hires even though Klein uses 5% of the podcast’s revenue, as well as money earned from highlight episodes of the podcast, to pay the crew and cover production costs. Klein, however, argued that he does not need to run new hires by Paytas because those people are hired as employees for his production company, H3 Productions, which produces and airs “Frenemies.”

These are employees of our production company,” he said.

“It’s literally about we are producing the show and I am taking a cut, I feel like that is beyond reasonable,” he later added. 

Klein claimed that he already gives Paytas 50% of everything else, which he argues is an incredibly good deal considering H3 Productions does all the backend work. Paytas still felt differently and said that “Frenemies” should have its own employees. 

After the argument escalated, Paytas walked off the set holding back tears and the episode ended. Many found Paytas’ comments, specifically the ones referencing the crew and their pay, to be rude and disrespectful. 

Paytas Leaves “Frenemies”

On Tuesday morning, Paytas posted a video announcing and explaining their departure. They claimed that the crew was frustrated and did not want to film with Paytas the next day, partially because the segment Paytas had slammed came from a new hire. 

Paytas stressed that wanting more money was not their issue. Instead, they said they truly just wanted the show to be more of a 50/50 partnership creatively. Paytas said that while they understand Klein produces the show, they would have loved to pitch in on producing as well, but often just felt like an outsider. 

“I do feel like I contributed half to Frenemies, building the H3 channel,” Paytas explained. “Like I would have loved to have Frenemies on my channel and build up my channel. I could have produced it, I could have built sets, I’m capable of this stuff.” 

Paytas also clarified that they have no issue with the crew. While Paytas said they were not sorry for bringing these issues up, they were sorry for how the message was delivered. 

They added that in the end, they really felt like they brought an underappreciated value to the show. Paytas also said that in the beginning of this partnership, they were under the impression that they would be building something entirely new with Klein. 

“If I knew I was coming in as a third H3 show, like I swear hand to god I would not have done it,” they said.

Paytas added a lengthy comment below the video after it was posted, saying they were leaving “to ease the tension everywhere.”

“I don’t want to be the toxicity in their machine,” Paytas continued. “And I can feel that I am. And it’s not good for anyone involved.”

Klein and Paytas Lash Out on Twitter

Klein responded to the video on Tuesday. In two posts he joked about it being National Best Friend’s Day and asked what he should do with the 4,000 “Frenemies” hoodies he has. In a more serious tweet, he said he was “gutted” about the situation. 

Trisha’s video this morning was a total surprise to me,” he added. “I don’t really know what more I can say or do. I’m very sorry to all the fans of frenemies, I know how much it meant to everyone, I did everything I humanly could to save it.”

Things escalated later in the day when Paytas posted a second video further explaining their decision to leave the podcast. They said the last thing they ever wanted to do was disrespect the crew, and again emphasized that money was never their issue.

Paytas also acknowledged that they should have never brought up money on the podcast or in front of the crew in the first place. Things, however, continued to spiral on Twitter as Paytas and Klein engaged in a stormy back-and-forth. 

Among other things, Klein said he was angry that Paytas’ fans were sending hate to the crew members online. He said he reached out to Paytas because he was upset with the way they handled things but said he will ultimately always cherish his experience making “Frenemies.”

Paytas responded to him and insisted they were never rude to the crew themself. Paytas also shared text messages, accusing Klein of being misleading and flip-flopping on how the money for production costs was spent. Paytas is receiving a considerable amount of backlash for one of the texts they shared, as one screenshot shows them making an antisemitic remark to Klein. 

Crew members also engaged in online discourse about the news, including Dan from H3 Productions, who accused Paytas of lying in their videos. According to Dan, the crew was actually fully prepared to film with Paytas the next day and Klein was the one to cancel the shoot. 

Dan also said that the new hire was not the person who came up with the segment Paytas took issue with and instead was just the person who presented and prepared it.

Klein and Paytas later deleted most of their tweets attacking each other. Both said they should not have aired those feelings and messages on Twitter.

Paytas Apologizes To Fans and Klein

On Wednesday morning, Paytas apologized to Klein and others who worked on “Frenemies,” saying they were “embarrassed” by the situation. In a separate tweet, Paytas apologized to fans for ending things so turbulently.

“I feel horrible,” they wrote. “This is the worst feeling to see people think I’m this heartless monster who doesn’t do anything wrong. I have been in the wrong so many times on frenemies, they’ve been really wonderful to me.”

Paytas then uploaded a third video titled “I’m Sorry.” In it, they said the whole situation had been blown out of proportion and that the first two videos were meant to clarify issues but only made things worse. They again apologized for leaving the podcast and for disappointing fans. 

“I don’t know how to make the situation right…I don’t know what to do,” Paytas said.

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Showtime Will Process Refunds After Crashing During Paul Vs. Mayweather Fight



Many said they were unable to watch the highly anticipated pay-per-view event because of technical difficulties.

Showtime To Issue Refunds

Showtime is processing refunds for customers who could not watch Sunday’s highly anticipated fight between YouTuber Logan Paul and boxing champion Floyd Mayweather because of technical difficulties on the streaming platform. 

The night of the event, Twitter was full of users complaining that Showtime had crashed during the fight. The company released a statement saying it was “aware that some customers have been having trouble accessing tonight’s Pay Per View event” and was “working diligently to resolve the issue and will redress customers appropriately.”

Showtime Support’s Twitter account later told people to return to the event in ten minutes, though that still did not resolve the issue for many viewers.

In a tweet on Monday, the service said anyone who purchased the fight via Showtime’s website or app but was unable to watch it could request a refund. 

What Happened During the Fight?

The fight ultimately lasted eight rounds, ending without a knockout or winner. After the match, Mayweather said Paul was “better” than he anticipated. 

“He’s a tough, rough competitor,” he continued. “It was good action, to have fun and I was surprised by him tonight. Good little work, good guy.” 

“I don’t want anyone to tell me anything is impossible ever again,” Paul told reporters. “The fact that I’m in here with one of the greatest boxers of all time proves that the odds can be beat.”

A report from The New York Times said that both Paul and Mayweather “assuredly took home millions” from the event, but exactly how much they made is still a mystery.

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Amouranth Says Twitch Suspended Ads on Her Channel Without Warning



Amouranth claims Twitch never specified what made her channel unsuitable for ads, but many have pointed to her controversial hot tub streams, which are technically allowed under the platform’s guidelines.

Amouranth Reveals Twitch Ad Suspension

Twitch streamer Kaitlyn Siragusa, known online as Amouranth, said Tuesday that the platform indefinitely suspended ads on her channel without any warning or communication. 

Siragusa has become known for her hot tub streams, a trend that has recently stirred controversy on Twitch. The platform’s terms of service technically allow streamers to wear bathing suits so long as they provide appropriate coverage and the person is streaming from a location where swimwear is standard attire. Hut tub streams fit this bill, but some believe they cross a line and are in bad taste. Others, however, think the largely female streamers participating in the trend should be allowed to continue these streams and are doing no harm.

Twitch has largely stayed out of this issue, though the company previously said it had its eyes on the situation. Now, according to Siragusa, the company might be taking a stand. 

“Yesterday I was informed that Twitch has Indefinitely Suspended Advertising on my channel,” she wrote on Twitter, claiming the company did not reach out to tell her. 

“I had to initiate the conversation after noticing, without any prior warning, all the ads revenue had disappeared from my Channel Analytics.”

“This is an ALARMING precedent,” she continued. She claimed that even if content falls within the site’s terms of service, Twitch has the ability to “target individual channels” and decide what is and is not “advertiser friendly” even though there are no clear guidelines for this. 

“There is no known policy for what results in a streamer being put on this blacklist,” Siragusa added. “With characteristic opacity, The only thing twitch made clear is that it is unclear whether or when my account can be reinstated.”

While it looks like Twitch never specified what about her channel was not advertiser-friendly, people have unsurprisingly pointed to her hot tub streams. Twitch has not issued a comment on the matter, but its alleged decision to demonetize Siragusa would be a major one. According to Kotaku, the platform has never used its power to demonetize a creator before. 

Creators Respond to Amouranth’s Claim

Online, some have cheered Twitch’s alleged decision while others have slammed the platform for its lack of communication. Several creators have echoed Siragusa’s concerns that it sets a dangerous precedent when it comes to what kind of content the site can crack down on. 

“Why is it that they just didn’t come over and say, ‘stop doing this, or we are going to demonetize you.’ You know what I mean?” streamer Asmongold asked during a stream on Tuesday. 

“Look, I understand people are getting a hard-on because they’re happy this thing happened because they don’t like hot tub streamers, I get that,” he continued. “But you understand what she’s saying, she’s not wrong! She’s not wrong in saying this, this is true. And them not talking to her at all about it?” 

Streamer and adult film star Mia Malkova shared his concerns and confusion about Twitch not reaching out to Siragusa first. 

No statement/warning is ridiculous and no way to treat the people that use their platform,” Malkova said in a tweet to Siragusa. 

On Twitter, streamer Devin Nash called out those who celebrated the demonetization, claiming that while some users might agree with Twitch in this instance, the move could impact a creator they support in the future.

If you think this stops at sexual content, think again,” he wrote.

One of Twitch’s most popular streamers, xQc, who was previously very critical of hut tub streams, seemed to imply that he felt Siragusa’s demonetization signaled a potential issue for everyone on Twitch. He encouraged people to “chill out” until there is more communication from Twitch on the matter, but added that this means “things are a little bit adaptive” on the site. 

There’s a lot of people that do the same content that she does,” he said on a Tuesday stream. “And if everybody does the same content, and something was [against the terms of service], if one got banned, you guys would all say, ‘Look at the other guys that aren’t being banned.’ But now that this is against her and she loses her ads, nobody is saying, ‘But what about the other guys? Why aren’t they losing their ads?’” 

He later added that this move “might have saved everybody from losing their ads” and that Siragusa “might be a scapegoat” for other streamers, but did not elaborate on that point. 

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