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Portland Mayor Says Clashing Protests Avoided “Worst Case Scenario”



  • The Proud Boys organized a march in Portland on Saturday and were met with counter-protesters from Antifa. 
  • While 13 arrests were made and a few injuries reported, Portland’s Mayor is pleased that the city avoided the “worst-case scenario.”
  • Both sides also see themselves as the victors of the day, with Trump tweeting he wants Antifa to be classified as a terrorist group, and Portland’s Mayor saying he does not want a Proud Boys organizer back in the city.

Clashing Protests in Portland

Portland’s Mayor is saying the city avoided the worst-case scenario after protests led by the Proud Boys were met with counterprotests from Antifa.

On Saturday the Proud Boys, a male-only right-wing group that considers themselves to be patriots and western chauvinists, and has been listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, planned a march in an area of the city’s downtown. Other right-wing groups like Patriotic Prayer also turned out, but they were met by a counterprotest led by Antifa.

Antifa, or anti-Fascists, is a left-wing group who mainly protests far-right groups and leaders that they perceive as fascist or bigoted, led a clashing demonstration. Due to both groups’ opposing views and reputations for inciting violence, the Portland Police Bureau and other city officials feared that the events could cause safety concerns and public disruption.

“PPB and our partners are here to protect everyone’s safety while facilitating everyone’s 1st Amendment right to gather and speak,” Portland Police said in a statement.

The demonstrations ended up lasting over six hours until officers declared a civil disturbance. An estimated 1,200 people turned out. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler believes that considering the size and nature of the event, police and the city handled the situation well. 

“Based on the information that we’d been receiving over the last several weeks, we were preparing for and planning for a worst-case scenario, and I’m very pleased that at least so far this did not happen,” he said during a press conference.

Still, the day did not go without any issues or infractions. According to police, 13 arrests were made for reasons including disorderly conduct, attempted assault, unlawful use of a weapon, resisting arrests, and possession of a weapon in a park. Officers seized several weapons and said six people were injured with one going to the hospital. Most injuries, however, were minor. 

Both Sides Declare Victory

Both the Proud Boys and Antifa walked away from the demonstrations seeing their side as victorious. Joe Biggs, who planned the rally for the Proud Boys told The Oregonian the group achieved its goal. 

“We wanted national attention and we got it.” Biggs said. “Mission success.”

Part of this national attention came from President Donald Trump, who tweeted about the events in Portland. He shared his possible intent to list Antifa as an “Organization of Terror.” 

The right-wing group saw this tweet as a confirmation of their success. The Oregonian also reported that the Proud Boys intend to return to Portland on a monthly basis unless Mayor Wheeler “takes charge and removes the scourge of violent domestic terrorists from his city,” which they said in reference to Antifa. 

However, others saw Antifa emerging as triumphant. Eric K. Ward, the Executive Director of the Western States Center, released a statement claiming that some businesses were turning away right-wing protesters on Saturday for promoting hate. 

“Portland won yesterday,” Ward added. “And far-right leaders like Joey Gibson and Joe Biggs lost.”

Mayor Wheeler also spoke against Biggs during the press conference. 

“At a time when people are expressing hatred, at a time when people are expressing intolerance, when there’s rhetoric that is aimed predominantly at women and people of color, and immigrants, it creates a sense of uncertainty and a sense of fear,” Wheeler said. “And so Mr. Biggs and others saying that they’re going to come here, that feeds in to that sense of fear. So I want to be very clear. We do not want him here in my city. Period.”

He also called Trump’s tweet about Antifa and the protests “unhelpful” in an interview with CNN.

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Orlando Officer Fired After Arresting 6 and 8-Year-Olds



  • A school resource officer in Orlando, Florida arrested two students in one day, an 8-year-old and a 6-year-old.
  • The youngest child had a tantrum as a result of her sleep apnea and kicked someone.
  • She and was arrested, charged with battery, and taken to a juvenile detention center but not processed.
  • Officer Dennis Turner broke department policy by arresting the two, as he needed approval from a superior to arrest minors under 12 and did not obtain it.
  • The Orlando Police Department released a statement Monday saying Turner has been fired.

Students Arrested

An Orlando officer has been fired after arresting a 6-year-old and 8-year-old at school on the same day.

The Orlando Police Department put out a statement on Monday apologizing to the children and their families.

The two students were arrested by Lucious and Emma Nixon Academy’s school Resource Officer Dennis Turner on Thursday. The 8-year-old was sent to a juvenile center on misdemeanor charges before being released to their parents. 

The 6-year-old was arrested and charged with battery. Authorities have not identified the children, but a report from WKMG identified the youngest of the two as Kaia Rolle. Rolle had been sent to the school’s office after acting out in class. While at the office, someone tried to grab her wrists and she kicked them back.

Her grandmother, Meralyn Kirkland, spoke to the outlet about the incident. She said that Rolle has sleep apnea and as a result, did not get enough sleep the night before. Kirkland said that her granddaughter was handcuffed, taken in the back of a police car, fingerprinted and had a mugshot taken. She was taken to a juvenile center but was not processed. 

Kirkland claimed that when Turner learned of Rolle’s medical situation, he was not sympathetic. When she told him she had sleep apnea, she claims he responded, “Well I have sleep apnea and I don’t behave like that.” 

Story Sparks Outrage

Over the weekend, the story made national headlines and sparked outrage. Many took to Twitter to call for Turner to be fired. 

Politicians also spoke about the incident. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) said, “We need to stop criminalizing children.”

Florida State Rep. Carlos G. Smith said he was “completely speechless.”

Turner Under Investigation

Turner was fired following a reported investigation into the two arrests. It is department policy to receive approval from a superior before arresting children under the age of 12. Turner did not receive such permission.

Turner retired as an Orlando Police Officer in 2018 after serving in the department for 23 years. He is currently part of the Officer Reserve Program, which consists of retired officers. According to the Orlando Sentinel, in 2015 he was given a written reprimand for using excessive force after continuing to tase a suspect who was on the floor and not resisting. 

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Football Fan Raises Over $1 Million for Children’s Hospital With Viral Beer Money Sign



  • Carson King picked up national attention when he was seen on ESPN’s “College GameDay” holding a sign that asked for beer money. 
  • The football fan was surprised when floods of donations began to pour in, and he later announced plans to donate the money to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. 
  • Busch Beer and Venmo promised to match his donation. By Sunday, funds from King and the two companies had collectively reached over $1 million.

King on “College GameDay” 

A college football fan who held up a sign asking for beer money on television has now raised more than $1 million that he plans to donate to a children’s hospital. 

On September 14, ESPN broadcasted “College GameDay” from Ames, Iowa during the game between the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Iowa State Cyclones. Carson King appeared in the crowd behind the sports analysts holding a sign that said “Busch Light Supply Needs Replenished,” along with his Venmo username.

Source: Good Morning America

His phone was then swarmed with notifications from the money transferring app. King told CNN that within 30 mins he had raised $400. “I thought it would just be a joke,” King told Good Morning America on Friday. “I didn’t think anyone would actually see it.”

Source: Mix 99.9

Plans to Donate 

His sign picked up even more attention as people discussed it and shared photos of it online. After talking it over with his family, King realized he had a chance to do something special with this attention. He soon tweeted that he would be donating “all but enough for a case of Busch Light,” to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. 

“There’s a better purpose for it,” King said of the money in an interview with The Washington Post “The kids deserve everything they can get. If I can give it to them, I’m going to give it to them.”


When word of his plans to donate the funds spread, Busch Beer and Venmo promised to match his contribution.

People liked the cans so much that over 26,000 signed a petition asking the company to stock them in stores throughout Iowa. 

$1 Million Raised

By Sunday morning, the contributions — including Busch Beer and Venmo’s matches — had reached over $1 million. 

King plans to keep his Venmo account open for donations until the end of the month. Once collecting the total amount, he will write a check and present it to the hospital in person. King told GMA that when he donates the money, he will also go on a tour of the hospital facilities and get to meet some of the kids who will benefit from the funds. 

Stead Family Children’s Hospital responded to King’s tweet about the size of his donation, saying “We can’t think– our minds are blown by all of this!”

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How Safe Injections Sites in the U.S. Are Fighting Back Against The Opioid Crisis & Do They Work?



America has been hit with a historical opioid crisis. In 2018, more than 31,000 people died from opioid overdoses, which is more than any previous year recorded in American history. Healthcare professionals and public health experts are offering alternatives to the status quo treatments, which leads us to today’s topic: supervised injection facilities (SIF). 

Also known as overdose prevention sites and medically supervised injection centers, SIF’s have been proposed as a solution to combat America’s opioid problem. In these centers, no drugs are supplied to the users—they bring their own and are given clean syringes to prevent bloodborne diseases. Advocates or these sites are saying that they would stop countless fatal overdoses because there would be medical staff on site. Countries like Switzerland, Canada, and Australia have implemented versions of these facilities and so far there has not been any reported fatal overdoses at a SIF in the world. 

While cities like Seattle, San Francisco, New York City, and Philadelphia have all proposed plans to make sites, they have been met with heavy opposition. The federal government opposed these sites because they claim it breaks federal laws and some residents in these cities are against them due to concerns over attracting more crime. In this video, we’ll be focusing on Philadelphia, as it might become the first U.S. city to legally open a supervised injection facility, along with the court case between the non-profit who is trying to establish the SIF and the federal government.

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