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Should the Dead Stay Dead?! How Holograms Are Taking Over Live Music…



This year several late Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musicians will return to the stage thanks to hologram technology. Despite the fact that this technology is getting better every year, reviews of hologram concerts have been mixed. The uncanny valley theory may help explain why that is. Check out our video for the full story and an exclusive look at a current hologram tour.


Game of Thrones Finale Leaves Some Fans Disappointed



  • Game of Thrones ended its run on Sunday night and after eight seasons some fans were left confused and disappointed by the ending.
  • On top of that, there were more out-of-universe beverages left on-screen, except this time instead of a Starbucks cup, two water bottles snuck their way into the show.
  • Some fans are hoping that the book series, which has not yet concluded, will do a better job of closing the story, but they might still be disappointed.

The End

The ending of last night’s finale for Game of Thrones left some fans complaining about the writing once again and incited new frustrations over two water bottles that made it on-screen.

After the questionable choices made in last week’s episode, many fans were expecting to be disappointed by the ending and oh boy were they. This isn’t really surprising since the petition to redo season 8 withcompetent writers” now has more than one million signatures.


It’s also probably the reason why showrunner David Benioff told Entertainment Weekly that he and D.B. Weiss planned to spend the finale “drunk and far away from the Internet.”

After finding out who would sit on the Iron Throne, fans complained that the ending ignored foreshadowing from previous seasons.

However there were some people that felt the ending stayed true to the characters and followed through on what was set up.

On Rotten Tomatoes Season 8 is the lowest rated season with about 70 percent compared to every other season that has more than 90 percent approval. Sunday’s episode specifically has a score of 58 percent, which is still not the lowest rated of this season. That spot is still claimed by last week’s episode, “The Bells.”

Out-of-Universe Beverages Part II: The Water Bottles

To add to the frustrations around the season, there were two water bottles left on-screen during the same scene. Though unlike the Starbucks cup that has since been digitally removed, both of the water bottles were partially hidden underneath chairs and behind legs.

What About the Books?

Amid all of the complaints and calls for a rewrite, some are hoping that the books behind the series will have a better ending since the show raced ahead of where author George R. R. Martin left off a few seasons ago.

Martin told Weiss and Benioff his plans for how he imagined the story should continue, however, the writers still made some narrative changes.

Even so, the changes might not be too far off from how the book series will close. In an interview with 60 Minutes last month, Martin said, “I don’t think Dan and Dave’s ending is gonna be that different from my ending.”

So, for now, fans will have to wait and see if the books will end in a more satisfying way, especially after the response the final season faced.

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Over 500,000 Fans Sign Petition to Redo Latest Game of Thrones Season With “Competent Writers”



  • Following a particularly upsetting episode of Game of Thrones, some fans are calling for the final season to be completely redone with “competent writers.”
  • One petition on has more than 500,000 signatures.


After a few rocky episodes of Game of Thrones, some fans are voicing their displeasure by signing petitions to redo the season with new writers to replace David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

One petition that says Weiss and Benioff are “woefully incompetent writers,” has more than 500,000 signatures. “This series deserves a final season that makes sense. Subvert my expectations and make it happen, HBO!”


There is one hidden gem among the handful of other petitions with fewer signatures calling for a redo. That petition wants to “Hire Hannah Waddingham to walk behind D&D (Game of Thrones Producers)”

And it only has 3,800 signatures? SHAME!

Disappointed Fans

The episode that aired last weekend titled “The Bells,” really missed a lot of peoples’ expectations for the ending of the series. Episode 3 “The Long Night,” drew complaints about the lighting in some scenes being too dark.

Then there was that infamous Starbucks cup situation, where a cup was accidentally left in a scene.

There have also been complaints about pacing. Some say that in the last few seasons the show has had a faster pace than before. Others say this new season is a let down after seven seasons of build up, but the episodes are still averaging 43 million viewers per episode.

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Ariana Grande Sued For Posting Paparazzi Photos of Herself to Instagram



  • A New York-based photographer is suing pop star Ariana Grande for copyright infringement after the singer posted two paparazzi photos of herself on Instagram to promote her album.
  • The paparazzo is seeking either the profits earned from the photo or between $2,500 and $25,000 in damager for each photo.

The Photos

A photographer is suing Ariana Grande for copyright infringement after she posted two paparazzi photos of herself on Instagram, according to documents filed Monday.

Back in August Grande posted an image on the day that her album “Sweetener” was released. The Instagram post included two paparazzi snaps of her carrying a bag with the album name. She captioned the post “happy sweetener day” and according to screenshots, the post got more than 3.3 million likes.

Grande posted the same image on Twitter with an identical caption.

The photo has since been removed from her Instagram, but a similar cropped version of the image was posted a few days later and remains up on her page.

The photographer who took the photos, Robert Barbera, has taken issue with Grande’s use of the photos without his permission.“[Grande] infringed [Barbera’s] copyright in the Photographs by reproducing and publicly displaying the Photographs on the Instagram Page,” the complaint reads.

“[Grande] is not, and has never been, licensed or otherwise authorized to reproduce, publically display, distribute and/or use the Photographs.”

Barbera is seeking compensation in the form of either the profits earned from the photos or between $2,500 and $25,000 in damages for each photo.

Other Cases

Grande is not the first celebrity to be sued for posting paparazzi photos of herself. In January, model Gigi Hadid was sued for copyright infringement for posting a photo of herself. In 2018 Jennifer Lopez was also sued for sharing a paparazzi photo of herself on her Instagram story. That same year a suit was also filed against Jessica Simpson for posting a paparazzo’s photo of herself.

Khloe Kardashian was sued in 2017 for posting a photo and allegedly cropping out the copyright information. Rapper 50 Cent was also sued that year for posting two photos that were taken at one of his concerts.

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